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In The Same Boat

We have been helping injured maritime workers for over a decade and we have put together some helpful information and built some communities so you know you are not alone!

I am sure many of you are worried about your future and not sure what to do. Sometimes just knowing your not alone is half the battle. You never thought you’d be in this position, never thought that you’d be forced to make these hard decisions about your future. And while it may seem like few really understand what you’re going through, many of our clients have been in the same boat, fighting for the future they worked so hard to build. The good news is they came out on the other side; they got through all the pain and uncertainty and emerged from it all on steady ground with a clear vision of their life ahead. If you’re anything like these guys, you can, too…

Our client Omar was earning more than $300,000 a year as an overseas OIM when he injured his back and needed to have surgery. You may be facing some tough questions and wondering if you should try and work or not? Will you ever be able to return to work if you had surgery? Is there any job on land that will even pay you close to what you were making offshore? And like Omar, this may be hard to imagine having to give up a job earning so much money because of circumstances outside of your control, it may be necessary to protect your family’s long-term future. It was a though decision Omar made.

You may have the same worries our client Tom had when his lower back was injured while working for a large offshore drilling company. His wife and two children were his world and his main concern was making sure that he could take care of them financially. You may have the same worries about your wife and children. Tom chose to risk receiving no income in the short term so he could better protect his family down the road.

You may face expensive future medical costs like our client Steve who had suffered a brain injury while working offshore for a large drilling company. He needed 24 hour medical care and costly prescriptions. Like Steve, you could benefit from a detailed life care plan setting out your exact needs and the costs of such needs. He thought by filing a claim his company would stop paying for all his medical treatment, but that didn’t happen. Only by filing his claim did he get what he needed for his future health.

Bob was a career vessel captain who left school in the 8th grade. His main concern when he came to see us was how his monthly bills would get paid during his claim. You may have the same worry he had. We were able to get Bob on his disability policy and this allowed him to cover his monthly expenses while his case was properly handled.

Keeping you up at night?

  • Should I go see the company doctor?
  • Should I give a recorded statement?
  • How will I pay my bills now that I am hurt?
  • Can I apply for short-term or long-term disability during my injury?
  • Will the company run me off now that I have been injured?
  • How long does the company have to pay for my medical treatment?
  • What if other companies won’t hire me now that I have an injury?
  • Should I try to return to work?
  • How much should my employer pay me for my injury?
  • What compensation can I get?
  • How long does a maritime case take?
  • Will I get blacklisted if I hire an attorney?

If you see some of yourself in our past clients, call us so we can help you decide what to do. Because we represent injured seamen and maritime workers, we are uniquely positioned to address your problems.

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